Roth Davids & Ian is a private real estate investment firm.  Our goal is to help investors, large and small
get the most out of their capital. We offer investments in real estate funds with different focuses and we
also offer side or club deals for investors with specific needs not addressed in our real estate investment
funds.  All of our strategies are 100% turnkey solutions for owning real estate investments that offer
investors transparency and timely, accurate reporting.  Our passive rental property and flip solutions
provide updates of how our portfolio is doing to our investors on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.  
We are the foremost expert in our field and one of the few residential real estate investment companies
that have the reporting ability to handle investors’ capital at an institutional level.
Roth Davids & Ian  Investment Philosophy
Our success stems from purchasing only in cities where
the demographics demonstrate that market rents can
substantially increase in the near term. Our success has
endured because we are very selective in terms of
property location, which must be in high growth cities
with populations greater than 200K, and property size,
which must include multi-families with at least 6 units.n
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